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What is obesity and its effect on body ?

Obesity is a complex health issue involving deposition of excessive fat in the body. 

Why complex?

Because it is caused not only by lack of physical activity but there can be multiple reasons for it including our genes.

Some of the main reasons for obesity


  1. Physical inactivity
    The most common cause of obesity is sedentary. Now most of the work is from offices seated in a place for a long time. We are eating high calorie junk food, but not doing enough physical activity to burn it which is causing the excess calorie to convert into fat and is being deposit on our abdominal, thighs, hips and other body parts.

  2. Overeating
    Another cause of Obesity is overeating. Here  overeating means not only in terms of excess food but also the high calorie junk food which if eaten will give you 3 to 4 times more calories than you required in a whole day. This excess calories is the cause of obesity.

  3. Medications
    Some medication like steroids, insulin, anti hypertensive, anti - depressant  side effect is weight gain. Drugs can affect weight in many ways like increased appetite, increased fat storage, slowed metabolism.

  4. Disorder
    Certain disorders such as Hypothyroidism, PCOD, Depression and Cushing Syndrome are also contributors to weight gain. After controlling the disorder with medication.

  5. Genetics
    Recent studies show that genes also play an important role in weight gain. Families with a history of obesity related disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are more prone to obesity if exposed to a stressful environment. 

Now whom do you consider obese. How do you know whether you are obese or not.

The most common method which are used  to calculate it is BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI = m/h2

m= mass in Kg

h= Height in Metre

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